Brennan's Market

Since its humble beginning as a fruit stand in Monroe, WI in 1942, Brennan's Market has evolved into a specialty grocery and fine foods market. Under new ownership in 2017 and determined to distinguish itself from other Madison grocers, Brennan's completely rebranded and reimagined its retail space to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience. Coordinating, colorful signage welcomes shoppers, designates store departments, and provides a unified visual aesthetic. 

Developed for Aro Eberle Architects

To begin this project, I assisted Brennan's management team with refreshing their existing logo (left) and establishing a new brand identity (right + below) that better aligned with their history, product offerings, and customers.

Using the brand color palette, icons were developed for each of the store's departments. These were applied to colorful, easy-to-read hanging and wall-mounted singage.

The perimeter icon graphics were hand painted over cedar planking and feature 7.5" tall ribbon signage along the bottom with interesting facts about Brennan's and their products.

The store's entrance wall displays nostalgic pieces of Brennan's history in black & white advertisements dating back to the 1960s. It's over 15 feet tall and spans nearly 60 feet.

LAUREN MCCLONE DESIGN  |  Milwaukee-Area Graphic Designer

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