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CLIENT: Milwaukee Rescue Mission

I had the pleasure of working with this impactful non-profit organization to enhance the facilities where they serve men, women, and children who struggle with homelessness and poverty in Milwaukee. Since occupying the Central Campus building in 1986, Milwaukee Rescue Mission (MRM) has completed over $10 million in renovations to the historic 230,000-square-foot headquarters where they offer transformative programs, meals, and shelter that give community members in need a chance at a fresh start. Utilizing the existing interior palette, 11 vibrant wall graphics with colorful shapes and inspirational verses were incorporated into many common spaces, including the Joy House Day Room graphic that spans 90 feet. The artwork not only complements the building's historic aesthetic but brings joy, comfort, and hope to guests, staff, and community members.  


MRM Central Art_Lobby.png
MRM Central Art_Door.png
MRM Central Art_Corridor1.png
MRM Central Art_Corridor2.png
MRM Central Art_Admin.png
MRM Central Art_Volunteer.png
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